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Lightened and reinforced against breakage
XCBlade - Expanded Stability


During a crossover, XCBlades are more stable and provide more prolonged contact with ice. Depending on the model, they add up to 4 - 19% more impact.*

XCBlade - Increased Dynamics


XCBlades create 4 - 10% more contact with ice, giving the player more dynamic acceleration and longer pushing steps.*

XCBlade - High Efficiency


Due to their unique widening at the front and rear of edges, XCBlades give the player up to 3 - 11% more stable, powerful braking, and a shorter braking distance.*

XCBlade - Optimized Energy


The special asymmetric 3D design of the left and right edges of XCBlade allows the player to gain up to 4 - 15% more movement energy at high-speed tight turns.*

*compared to traditional blades

A whole new era in skating

In the last 100 years of modern skate development, XCBlade has been the first and only skate blade that breaks the limits of parallel edge design. With the adaption of the variable 2D edge geometry into 3D from carving skiing, it raises skating to a higher level.

3D spices up the game

XCBlade is, therefore, not a permanent but a variable-width skating blade that forms a well-defined 3D geometric shape.

Thus, unlike all currently available blades, XCBlade is NOT a parallel-edge skating blade. Still, the blade's left and right edges gradually extend from the center, parallel sections moving away from each other into the direction front and rear of the blade.

Those details matter

This change in width is different in the front and rear, more remarkable in the back region of the blade, which is responsible for tight turns and smaller in the first region, which is responsible for the longer pushes.

More ice contact, more fun

The result of this controlled expansion is that in skating situations (final phase of the pushing stage, tight and sharp turns, intense braking), where conventional blades lose their contact with the ice due to increased inclination, there, the XCBlade blades are still firmly attached to the ice surface, thanks to the widening edge design, XCBlade engages the ice with 5 - 20 % larger blade sections.

Affecting your gameplay

The parameters below represent a competitive advantage in the world of sport that makes XCBlade revolutionary.

hockey turn

During a turn the left and right skates are sliding on the ice with different radius. The special asymmetric 3D design of the left and right edges of XCBlade helps this divergent movement requirement, optimizing the energy consumption on skating. Turning is optimized with XCBlades, allowing the player to gain up to 4-15% movement energy (per match) compared to traditional blades.
This energy saving can be crucial in the late stages of a match during the endgame.


XCBlades with their special curved 3D edge design create 4-10% more contact with ice, giving the player more dynamic acceleration and longer pushing steps.


For crossover, the blades are used with their full length, and since the XCBlades, depending on their curvature, are attached to the ice on a larger surface at the front and rear sections of the inner and outer edges, they become more stable and faster during a crossover. XCBlades provide up to 4-19% more stability depending on the model.


The XCBlades, due to their widening edges are coming into contact with ice during braking both on the front and rear section on a larger surface than traditional blades, giving the player up to 3-11% more stable and powerful braking and a shorter braking distance.


For straight skating, the ice-related middle area of the XCBlades is parallel, so same as any other blades, so there is no change in skating behavior except for the fact that your blades can be much shallower, allowing you higher speed.
XCBlades combine revolutionary 3D edge geometry for increased turning stability and maximum speed for straight blades.
Zero compromises only advantages.

The story

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Used by top players

Adam Fantilli
Adam Fantilli

Columbus Blue Jackets / NHL - 2023 1/3 draft pick

"They' are amazing, I love how the customisation is working on the side and the width, they are great!
Balance is great I feel like a lot of blade on the ice and so helps for glide everything.
I'm using them, I'm loving it, so happy about it!"

Reid Schaefer
Reid Schaefer

Nasville Predators / NHL - 2022 1/32 draft pick

"I've been using the XCBlade for the past year and overall, I've been able to improve my game a lot with it. I can skate faster, I'm more explosive, my whole game is faster."

Ty Nelson
Ty Nelson

Seattle Kraken / NHL - 2022 3/68 draft pick

"They're amazing! Since I've been using them, I've been able to get a lot tighter. Overall, I've gotten a lot faster, and I can feel the difference in my starts. I love them!"

Vas János
Vas János

Dallas Stars / NHL - 2002 2/32 draft pick

"The XCBlade gave me more stability in turns and better balance in the straights, which proved to be key towards the end of my career. I regret that I did not experience the benefits of the XCBlade 15 years ago."

Paul Ullrich
Paul Ullrich

Graz99ers / ICEHL

"Over the years I have had the pleasure of trying out many blades, but the XCBlade is the one I'm sticking with. I love how they have brought innovative technology, inspired by other sports, to hockey. It's amazing to turn with, it's fast and stable. I've got players from Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria using it."

Peter Schneider
Peter Schneider

EB Salzburg / ICEHL

"I have been using XCBlade blades since the beginning of the season. I wanted to try something new to be more stable on the ice. The XCBlade blades are great because they are wider at the end, so I get more stability and grip on rebounds and crossovers. It's working so far."

Mitch Zion
Mitch Zion

Clarkson Univ / NCAA

"To be honest, when I first tested this blade, I didn't know what to expect at all. Then we started doing skill workouts: sharp bends, stick handling, etc., and the benefits of the new blade came out great."

Meet the inventor
Phone Mail

Miklós is also the father of 3 children; all three are ice sports enthusiasts; from where came the idea for the blade improvement.

The XCBlades is manufactured in the owner's equity-financed precision plant in Székesfehérvár, Hungary - Europe, on an high-precision 5-axis CNC machines at the highest technical level and quality assurance conditions. The skate blades are made in house out of swiss army knife material quality and heat treated to a hardness of 54-58HRC.

Thanks to technology and revolutionary innovations, demand is growing organically and continuously."


How can I find my XCBlade?

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What is XCBlade? More
XCBlade is a revolutionary 3D asymmetrical, worldwide patented hockey skate blade. Based on the benefits most similar to carving ski blades, XCBlades have widened front and back ends, thus providing better grip on turns, crossovers and brakes, while allowing more speed and power transfer.
A pair of XCBlade consists of a left and right blade of asymmetrical shapes. These blades are asymmetrical for mechanical reasons - each leg does not travel the same distance during a turn. The asymmetrical shape compensates for the negative effects of different turn lengths.
What advantages do XCBlades have? More
With XCBlade you may experience:
  • tighter turns at higher speed
  • increased dynamics at acceleration
  • increased efficiency at braking
  • optimized energy for skating
  • increased turning stability
What are the dimensions and parameters of XCBlades? More
XCBlades are 23.0mm ( +-0.2mm) high, so min. 1mm higher than standard blades, providing an even longer lifespan.
The middle section of the blades is parallel, with a thickness of 3.0mm (+- 0.05mm) just like any other blades.
XCBlades are considered light among hockey skate blades, even with the extra material added.
Which curvature types are currently produced? More
XCBlades come in 3 variants, with detailed parameters:
  • MC (Medium Curve)
    • Front curvature max. 0.2mm
    • Rear curvature max. 1.6mm
  • LC (Large Curve)
    • Front curvature max. 0.4mm
    • Rear curvature max. 2.2mm
  • XC (eXtra Curve)
    • Front curvature max. 0.6mm
    • Rear curvature max. 2.8mm
Whats the difference between Run, Rush and Rampage models? More
  • XCBlade Revolution: 3D edge geometry for increased turning stability and maximum speed.
  • curved back for tighter and more stable turns
  • curved front for higher speed and stronger strides
  • parallel middle allowing more speed
  • wide range of availablity
  • simple sharpening
Run Rush: Run +
  • customizability (get your name, number and logo on your blades)
  • +enlightened design (upto 9% lighter than Run models)
Rush Rampage: Rush +
  • +extra enlightened design (upto 15% lighter than Run models)
  • +stiffening rib for enhanced strength
Which surface/color versions of XCBade are currently available? More
SSP - Stainless Steel Polished
  • Exquisite quality tool steel.
  • Heat treated to 54-58 HRC hardness (material of Swiss army knifes).
DLC - Diamond-like Carbon
  • Exquisite quality tool steel.
  • Heat treated to 54-58 HRC hardness (material of Swiss army knifes).
What is DLC?
The Diamond-like Carbon coating provides some of the properties of diamond to surfaces of almost any material.
The primary desirable qualities are hardness, wear resistance, and slickness.
  • Less friction between the blade and the ice.
  • Provides longer lifespan to the blade's side.
  • A single sharpening takes a little longer, but fewer sharpenings are required.
Why do SSP and DLC blades cost more? More
The process of creating the 3D edge of each XCBlade blade is much more complicated than the production of conventional flat blades.
This extra work means a higher price, but we offer the customer a product that provides a real competitive advantage on the ice.
The Diamond-Like Carbon coating provides the blade a longer lifespan, increases its quality, makes it more resistant to shocks and external influences, and although a single sharpening takes a little bit more time, the blade itself requires sharpening much less frequently. The blade becomes "R2R - Ready 2 Race" with the DLC.
What is 'Ready to race'? More
Our DLC blades get their coating and come sharpened. You only need to pop your sharpened DLC XCBlades into the holders, and they are instantly - Ready to Race.
How are XCBlades profiled and sharpened? More
The all of XCBlades are factory profiled to SPRPS (Synthetized Penta Radius Profile Spline) profile.
This profile is better than the Prosharp Quad profile because it is synthesized from five different radiuses for the best combination of turning and gliding.
The SSP blades are unsharpened, but the DLC's of size 254 and under are sharpened to 20mm (-0.79 inches - 6/8"), and 263 and above to an ROH of 25mm (1 inch).
They get their DLC coating after sharpening, so they are - as we call them - R2R-Ready to Race right after unboxing (blades of other brands are coated without sharpening, so during the first sharpening the layer on the bottom of the blade disappears, thus losing value even before the first step on ice).
Sharpening XCBlade is as simple as it is with any other blades, you just have to pay attention to a few things. XCBlade was designed in a way that sharpening is easy and simple, neither its asymmetry nor the extra edge affects the process. XCBlade users can have a shallower hollow by up to 20-25%. This is because the extra curvature provides sufficient grip and it compensates for the bigger hollow. You may increase your speed by reducing friction. Our Sharpening Guide provides a step-by-step explanation.
Can XCBlade sharpened on Prosharp, Blademaster, SparX etc.? More
As of our current knowledge, every single sharpening machine is fully capable to safely sharpen XCBlade. No modifications need to be made to sharpen the blades, although it requires a little more attention, because any kind of misalignment, or mis-sharpening has an increased negative impact on the blade.
What kind of XCBlade should I use? More
Everyone can have some tips finding the suitable blade for themselves. Most of the elite, professional skaters use Large Curve blades. A good rule of thumb is: larger curve for higher center of gravity, smaller curve for lower center of gravity.
What to do if I don't like XCBlade? More
First of all contact us! Maybe we can help you in understanding how the blades work. But if you really made your decision, we have a 14 day return policy or a 30-day money back guarantee as refund options.