Bendegúz Vadócz

Budapest Jégkorong Akadémia U21

“I’ve been using XCBlade since 3 years now. It is an amazing product. I am able to turn so much faster and deeper with it. I can only recommend it to anyone who plays hockey!”

Robin Kovacs

Lausanne / NL

“Have used XCBlade now for 4 seasons and I am super satisfied. Have tested a few different steels over the years but have finally found the right one. I turn a lot when I play and feel like I have more steel in the ice and get a better glide with these. A fantastic steel that I highly recommend.”

Roberto Gliga

Corona Brasov / Erste Liga

“The reasons why i love and use the XCBlades are the confidence and the stability they give me going into tight corners and sharp breaks, but also the extra push getting out of them.”

Bence Páterka

DVTK Jegesmedvék / Erste Liga

“I liked it a lot, it gives you an extra confidence in sharp “hockey” turns when you have to change direction suddenly. You can go into these situations with more speed because you can feel the extra area.”

Dávid Lövey

DVTK Jegesmedvék / Erste Liga

“In my opinion, XCBlade is able to give you the best stability compared to all traditional blades. When turning it helps a lot, moreover, the design is very unique.”

Miklós Makai

DVTK Jegesmedvék / Erste Liga

“When I use the XC, I am not only faster but also more stable in all areas. When turning, the main advantage is stability and making the tightest possible turn at speed. Moreover less energy is needed when using the blades because of the width at the end and also at the front”

Mitch Zion

Clarkson Univ / NCAA

“To be honest, when I first tested this blade, I didn’t know what to expect at all. Then we started doing skill workouts: sharp bends, stick handling, etc., and the benefits of the new blade came out great.”

Peter Schneider

EC Salzburg / ICEHL

“I have been using XCBlade blades since the beginning of the season. I wanted to try something new to be more stable on the ice. The XCBlade blades are great because they are wider at the end, so I get more stability and grip on rebounds and crossovers. It’s working so far.”

János Vas

Dallas Stars / NHL – 2002 2/32 draft pick

“The XCBlade gave me more stability in turns and better balance in the straights, which proved to be key towards the end of my career. I regret that I did not experience the benefits of the XCBlade 15 years ago.”

Ty Nelson

Seattle Kraken / NHL – 2022 3/68 draft pick

“They’re amazing! Since I’ve been using them, I’ve been able to get a lot tighter. Overall, I’ve gotten a lot faster, and I can feel the difference in my starts. I love them!”