Maxim Timoshenko

Ice hockey player, coach

“First impressions: The blades look fantastic ! The construction feel solid and really thought out. The packaging is great too with the information printed on the there. Overall, the blades look even better than I imagined and what the website photos show. The fit into the holders is great. Very precise.”

Richard Nizielski

3 x winter olympian olympic medalist, WC medalist, skating coach

“The XC blades are a next level game-changer! The moment I stepped on the ice I could tell that these blades redefine skating excellence. The asymmetrical curve in the blades provides more stability and increased responsiveness when changing direction. The extra edge contact from the curve means I can use a flatter rocker and a shallower grind hollow. The combination, provides more glide and great acceleration capabilities. More cornering control, more acceleration and more efficiency in each stride. The era of the straight edged Ice hockey blade is over.”

Dustin Korlak

Professional Skills Coach, KOR Hockey Development

“The first time I used XC blade I was extremely impressed. You feel more explosive and powerful on the ice. The control and balance from the blades is second to none. They are by far the best blades I have ever used. As a professional skills coach I demand perfection and that’s what XC Blade brings. I am thrilled to be apart of such an amazing company and represent XC blade. XC blade are ready to take the hockey world by storm”

Paul Ullrich

Austria (all) Skills Coach Austria U20 Asst. Coach

“Over the years I have had the pleasure of trying out many blades, but the XCBlade is the one I’m sticking with. I love how they have brought innovative technology, inspired by other sports, to hockey. It’s amazing to turn with, it’s fast and stable. I’ve got players from Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria using it.”